Quilts for children with Spinal Muscular Atrophy

Over 1000 hand-made quilts made by one amazing Grandma

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Cindy Bobolz creating one of her signature quilts. Each sent to a child with SMA, through FightSMA

It's not everyday

you find out your only grandchild has a terminal illness, but that's what happened to Cindy Bobolz. Cindy's granddaughter Nora was diagnosed with Type-1 SMA at 7 months old. For many this is where the story ends, because children with Type-1 SMA generally don't live very long - 2-3 years usually. Cindy lives in Montana in a tiny unheard of town called Townsend, which is nearly 2000 miles from Nora's home in Knoxville, TN. This distance didn't stop Nora's diagnosis from impacting Cindy's life. So, she began to search for a way she could help Nora.

Cindy was a avid quilter

and began by making a few quilts for Nora. She would also make specialized pillows and positioning pads to help Nora play and be more comfortable. Other families with SMA children often gave Cindy new idea for projects that could help Nora and Cindy grew attached to these other SMA children. As people saw these creations, word spread, and before long Cindy found herself very busy.
Fight SMA


took notice and got behind her efforts by supporting her. CureSMA provides the enormous amounts of fabric it takes, and Cindy gives her time, energy, and experience. In the last few years, they have created over 1000 quilts. Each is distributed by CureSMA in newly diagnosed support packages. Each quilt that goes out contains the following message:
Hope this brings you joy. In honor of my granddaughter, Nora, who also as SMA. goodentree.com
- Montana Grandma

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How to create over 1000 quilts

How to create over 1000 quilts

"I have the quilt making down to an assembly line process after so many." says Cindy "Takes me about 2 to 2½ hours per each quilt. But that's not how I make them."

First, Cindy cuts all the fabric for all the quilts. Then she layers and sews all the quilts one-at-a-time. Once the pile of quilts are quilted, she finishes by putting the binding (edge) on all of them. She seals each one in a plastic bag, box them up and takes them to the local hardware store where UPS picks them up. She says on-track by devoting a week a month to making them. But not all day long just part of each day.

Cindy told me "I send 12 quilts a month to CURE SMA. Once in a while I throw in an extra one - using up scrapes.". So twelve a month, for a year is 144. Multiply 144 a year since Nora was diagnosed, and it's over 1000. The best part is, Cindy is still going strong, churning out quilt after quilt. Cindy will turn 72 next year.

The right equipment

The right equipment

Quilting made easier with Bernina

When someone makes over 1000 quilts, having the right machine is critical. Many have asked what type of sewing machine does "Montana Grandma" aka Cindy use to make all these quilts. It takes a special machine to accomplish this. So Cindy uses a Bernina 430

The one for everyone and every application. The aurora sewing machine is a sensation, making sewing easier than ever before. A wealth of new functions and the greatest possible ease of operation make the aurora a sewing machine for everyone and every application. Like the aurora 440 – a superb quilter – the aurora 430 is an outstanding sewer, with numerous practical and decorative stitches, several alphabets, buttonholes, and oodles of other BERNINA functions which make sewing easier as well as a true pleasure. Thanks to the optional embroidery module, the BERNINA ArtDesign software, and the unique embroidery control via PC, the aurora 430 can be transformed into a full-fledged embroidery machine.


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